Reviews Luca Cycling Kefalonia


Matt North, Essex, UK 22/08/2020

I recently visited Kefalonia with my bike.

During my holiday i had the great fortune 

to have a few rides with Luuk.

His knowledge of the island, cycling and the

best routes made my rides a fantastic experience.

In summary a beautiful island made even more

memorable with the assistance of a fantastic guide

and ride leader. Can't wait for my next visit!


F. Van Katwijk Netherlands 28/07/2020

As from 21st to 28th July, I have enjoyed a wonderful stay at Kefalonia.

Next to the obvious: a beautiful Greek island, tropical white beaches and clear blue skies,

it was the company and the cycle tours that specifically made my vacation unforgettable.

Knowing Luuk from races in the past where we often competed together,

I was curious about the bike tours he organises nowadays.

I must confess that my expectations were exceeded by reality.

Luuk took care of the bikes and I must say he surely knows his way around the island

can get you to places which are absolutely breath taking.

He planned our week with fantastic tours ranging between 60 km to about 140 km and each day

we visited/cooled down at a different beach, some of them not even known by the hosts of my travel agency.

Because of Luuk’s knowledge, his experience and the unforgettable company that particular week,

it was a memorable visit and I will definitely come back again and enjoy Luuk’s extraordinary cycling tours.


M. Steins Netherlands 28/07/2020

I'm very happy to have booked a cycling holiday at Luca Cycling.

I believe the island is not known to the big public, it's not to touristy,

and that makes it one of the hidden gems of this planet.

This island is an absolute pearl.

I've stayed at Kefalonia for 2 weeks.

In wich the first week was purely focussed on riding bikes & my girlfriend cam the 2nd week.

For that reason i structure my review in "Riding Bikes" & "Leisure"

Riding Bikes.

Riding bikes at Kefalonia was amazing. 

I saw some pictures & videos that Luca shared on his socials (faceb, insta, strava),

but i really went there without a clear expectation.

The island is super diverse when it comes to riding bikes.

You can do flat coastal roads with amazing views,

but at the same time it also allows for real mountainstages up to almost 1700meters altitude.

The quality of roads surface is at least as good as in Spain, so nothing to complain about.

Furthermore, there is not too much traffic & the respect among cyclists and cars is something 

that i've never witnessed before. Honestly, i felt treated like a profi-rider.

Cars passing you with meters of distance, not overtaking you with crazy speeds.

This was really cool.

Luca really knows the island by heart and can take you everywhere.

What i appreciated most is that he knows where to stop for water, 

he knows the best bakery in town,

he can tell you what's coming where to pace yourself.

Besides that he is well connected all over the island.

So in case of a mechanical issue that cannot be fixed at the spot,

he either makes sure that someone picks you up.

Knowing that no matter what happens, you'll get home safe,

ensures worriless riding on arguably the most beautiful European island


Besides bike riding, being in touch with Luca, is being in touch with a local.

He'll recommend you restaurants, beachclubs, sunsetspots and beaches

that you would normally never end up.

Yes, Tripadvisor will tell you to go to Myrthos, Xi or Antisamos beach,

but have you ever heard of Agios Thomas Beach or the hidden secret beach at Pessada?

I think that Kefalonia is at least as beautifull if not prettier than such as 

Ibiza, Mallorca or for example Sardinia and Corsica.

The people in Greece are super friendly and helpful.

Also not unimportant, prices for food, drinks, rental cars & sunbeds

are really fair in comparison to the other island mentiond above.

What else do you need?

Besides a rental bike if you can't or don't want to bring your own.

Also something that Luca can help you with.

An amazing experience even in corona times!

Highly recommended!


P.Metsemakers en J. Hendrix Netherlands 25/06/2021

Jac en ikzelf hadden een fietsvakantie geboekt bij Luca cycling op Kefalonia.

We hadden aangegeven dat we het fietsen wilden combineren met sightseeing

om op deze manier een goede indruk te krijgen van het eiland Kefalonia.

Nou, we kunnen zeggen dat wij hierin meer dan geslaagd zijn.

Luuk gaf ons dagelijks tal van mogelijkheden, hierbij bleek zijn kennis van het gehele eiland erg waardevol te zijn.

We hebben het fietsen kunnen afwisselen met bezoekjes aan mooie dorpjes en onvergetelijke stranden

zoals, Costa Costa Beach, Antisamos Beach en Mirtos Beach.

Op het sportieve vlak was de klim naar de top van de Mount Ainos (1628 mtr) toch wel het hoogtepunt.

Al met al kunnen wij terugkijken op een onvergetelijke week op Kefalonia

en willen Luuk nogmaals dank zeggen voor het mede invulling geven aan deze zeer geslaagde fietsvakantie.